Lost Sea Survival Tips 04 Jul 2016

In the run up to launch we've been streaming Lost Sea and answering various questions that people have about the game. We thought it would be a good idea to include some of the more common questions here, as well as some other essential survival tips.

Game Over

  • The harder the island, the bigger and more difficult it will be. A big island means more critters, and less crew, loot and tablets.
  • It pays to scavenge through bushes. Often they'll drop health restoring fruit and can act as a handy visual indicator of areas that have already been explored.
  • The island inhabitants always keep the keys to locked doors nearby. Try searching in the same room as the door or in adjacent rooms.
  • Not everything is as it seems. Some enemies will disguise themselves to ambush you, but if you look closely enough you can spot their tells.
  • Tablets allow you to sail from 1 to 4 islands down the sailing screen. Certain upgrades can help you travel further and avoid rolling doubles.
  • Can't find any dig spots? Pirates are known to bury their treasure in their hideouts.
  • Use the camera to get a better view of your surroundings and spot any potential threats up ahead. Press R3/RS to re-center camera.
  • Whatever hurts you also hurts critters. Try luring your enemies into traps or into each other's path of attack.
  • Keep getting ambushed? Try looking for markings that might indicate a trap.
  • The gold ring under your feet indicates that crew are in range. Be careful as any crew member too far away won't provide bonuses or follow the player.

Hope that helps! If you discover any additional strategies, we'd love for you to share them with us either via twitter @lostseagame or in the comments below!