Lost Sea Crew Guide 08 Jul 2016

Crew members play an essential part in the game. They can help you repair bridges, open chests, strengthen you in combat or even revive you if you've fallen in battle. In the beginning you can only recruit a single crew member, but as the game progresses, the number can be increased to up to four.

Here is a list of all the crew skills in the game.

Skill Skill Name Description
Tough Tough The crew member has significantly more health than an average.
Survivalist Survivalist Increases the amount of XP dropped by defeating enemies.
Locksmith Locksmith The crew member can unlock Item Chests.
Party Miner Miner Can dig up buried Items.
Carpenter Carpenter The crew member can repair Bridges allowing access to new areas.
Strength in Numbers Strength in Numbers Increases the strength of your basic attacks when stood nearby.
Revive Revive Allows the Crew Member to revive you when you die. Single use.

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